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Centreville Settlement, Inc. is a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization dedicated to the preservation of the rural architectural and cultural aspects of the Centerville WI area.  As such all donations to our organization are tax deductible.

On-line donations and membership fees can be made using most credit cards or your PayPal account by clicking here:


Our acquisition committee is always looking for unique items, particularly from the 1880-90's time period. 

All items are received subject to review and may be accepted based on our anticipated requirements and space restrictions.  Items with a written "local story" behind them typically are the most in demand. 

Looking for any pre-1900's recipes for mortar, beer, and bread.  (The three food groups?  ;-)  )

Restoration Materials and Tools

For 2015 we are particularly in need of 6" hand hewn ash or oak timbers, 7"x7" 8' sawn timbers.


In February 2002, we had started a fund drive based on a matching grant from the West Foundation.  They matched funds we raised during the calendar year.  In the past grant funding has typically been used to pay for instructors, restoration specialists, and interpretive programs.  For 2017 we are exploring grants for implementing technical tools to expand our reach, including social media, on-line virtual tours, as well as multilingual and graphic content for on-site visitors, and smart-phone applications for our historic route driving tours.


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